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Mysterious World: Ireland  |  Trade Paperback  |  776 pages  |  Full Color  |  $29.95 retail
ISBN 10: 0-9760827-3-X  |  ISBN 13: 978-0-9760827-6  |  Distributed through Atlas Books
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The Rough Guide to Irish Music: Second Edition
Music has always been an essential part of Irish culture, and the musical traditions of Ireland – focused around pub sessions – remain amongst Europe’s most enduring and vibrant. Songs (sung in Irish and English) hold a special place in Irish life and exemplify the vivacity of the Irish singing tradition and its wide range of subjects. This all-new second edition of The Rough Guide To Irish Music provides an extensive introduction to Ireland’s musical landscape, from the driving music of Donegal and the foot-stomping polkas and slides of Kerry and Cork to the work of those exploring the borders between traditional music and other genres. (Review by
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